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Riwa Life Global Virtual Dermatology Clinic

Riwa life Global Virtual Dermatology Clinic laid the foundation of new international services to resolve the global community skin and hair concerns through digital dermatology specialist consultation to get a diagnosis and treatment quickly from the comfort of your own home, office or workplace.

We provide worldwide opportunity to access our international dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Hair Specialist at your convenient time through your hand held mobile or computer.

Connect to dermatologist by using your home computer,Labtop ,tablet or smartphone/iphone /mobile

Global expert consultation anytime and anywhere

Benefits to Virtual Consultation:

  • Having a dermatology virtual appointment allows you much-needed access for diagnosis and management of skin and hair disease and aesthetic problems.
  • Using a smartphone or home computer makes easy for global population now have access to Riwa life expert.
  • Skin and hair will be treated earlier which leads to preventing progression to worst.
  • You can save time .No long waiting times for appointments.
  • You can save money .You can save the cost of traveling to and from appointments and lost working hours or income from taking off work.
  • You have a peace of mind and less worry about concerns, knowing you will not have to wait for weeks to be seen. You have the convenience of being able to get an international expert reliable advice anytime from anywhere.
  • Ideally you don’t repetitively visit to clinic for your problem.

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